Time is money


As a business owner, two of your most precious commodities are time and money. At ACPC, we are committed to finding ways you can keep more of both. Whether your goal is more time to spend with and grow your client base or more money you can put back into your business , below is a list of ways our services will help you get more back.

130 Hours

Average amount of time we save our clients each year so they can focus on running their business.

30K Dollars

Average amount of money we save our clients each year that can go back into their business or family

you don’t have to…

  • Correspond with state and federal tax authorities regarding payroll and tax returns whether by phone or mailed notices
  • Spend hours preparing your own tax returns and wonder if there are strategies you can use to reduce your tax bill each year
  • Spend time each week or month reviewing and categorizing all of your bookkeeping transactions then stress over whether you are doing your books correctly.
  • Setup and manage complex payroll systems for you and your employees
  • Manage a tax audit by the IRS on your own
  • Pay full retail prices for software you need to run your business
  • Go to multiple sites with multiple logins to access all your business data.

Because we will…

  • Oversee all payroll functions for you. We will ensure your staff is paid promptly and accurately on the schedule you decide. We’ll also take care of all the quarterly and annual tax filings required by your state. Whether you pay hourly or salary, we have you covered.
  • Prepare all federal and state income tax returns for you and your business. Prior to tax season, we will create a custom tax plan that you can implement to lower your tax bill before the end of the year. Tax Planning is by far our most popular service. We’ll even show you how to get your tax bill down to $1!
  • Assign our specialized financial accountants to monitor all of your business transactions each month and ensure they are categorized and properly classed for the most tax benefit. You’ll have access anytime to your bookkeeping file where you can run reports and easily monitor your business’ success.
  • Manage tax notice communications for you. All you need to do is send us a copy of the notice when you receive it and we’ll prepare letters or phone calls as needed on your behalf.
  • Stand right beside you if the IRS decides to audit. Our licensed CPA’s will respond to all tax notices and engage the tax authority representative either by phone, mail, or in person if required.
  • Get you the insider software discounts. From QuickBooks Online to Tax Planner Pro to our own proprietary accounting software. We love to share our trade discounts with our clients!
  • Give you an online portal that reports all your tax and bookkeeping information in one location. You can even share files securely with us through your own secure portal.